Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend recap!

I could not have asked for a more perfect weekend!  Since this was the first one with the BF away I knew it would be hard but my girlfriends stepped up to the plate and made every day awesome. 

On Friday I decided to keep it low key and drank some wine with some close friends and played cards against humanity.  Seriously it is the most hillarious game and it def gave me a good dose of laughter therapy!

Saturday my friends had planned on going to a wine and food festival but the weather basically demanded that we postpone the festival and soak up every ounce of sun next to the pool.  There are a few apartment pools in our area but there is only one that basically turns into a party every weekend.  It has been nicknamed ROHAB because it is the perfect bit of rehab after a long week.  Bonus there was also a super cute pomeranian pup that was running around and made instant friends with our group, dogs make everything better!!  Saturday we were there from 11-3 before we dragged ourselves inside to clean up and head to the festival.  The wine and food festival is a really cool small event where you get to try a variety of wines from all over.  It was fun to be there with such a big group!  From there we just kept the party going with some drinking games and then we headed to the bars.  It made for a long, late, and perfect summer Saturday!

 Sunday we decided to nurse out hangovers and head back to the pool for some more sun!  It was another perfect day and we couldn't pass up the opportunity since there may not be many more left.  I got a little too much color but it was so much fun none of us wanted to leave.  We capped off the night with a "family" dinner at P.F. Changs that is going to be a new Sunday tradition!

Overall it was really such an amazing weekend perfect friends, perfect wine, perfect weather, the only thing missing was the BF but I made sure he got to enjoy it from afar by sending him and obnoxious amount of pics lol!

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