Friday, September 13, 2013

5 things Friday

This week has been super odd, and busy so I mainly just have a random smattering of things to share!

1) I haven't been feeling well this week due to allergies but I was finally able to get my booty out of the house last night for a full 4 mile run.  The weather was perfect, I do hate fall but I have learned to appreciate the cooler temps to run in.  The Detroit Zoo 10K is on Sunday so this was my last big run before the race!

2) They just released the shirt design for the Detroit Marathon.... I hate red so I am not super happy about the color!  The design on the back though is pretty BA, and our team t-shirts are going to be awesome so I will take the free shirt!
3) The amount of baked goods in my house is not okay.  I successfully made my first batch of scones the other day and then got the brilliant idea to make more to ship to the BF but only half would fit in the box.  So now I have 6 PB Banana scones just sitting in my house, along with a ton of salted caramel chocolate chip cookies that my roomie made for work.  Yesterday I ended up eating a cookie post run and convinced myself that the salted caramel counted as sodium replacement... willpower fail!

4) My BF is amazing and sent me a care package with a super cute frog he won for me at the Minnesota State Fair a few weeks back, and a mutually beneficial gift card to VS.  He did tell me it couldn't be used for bathing suits or yoga pants.... he knows me far too well!
5) Everyone should stop whatever else they are doing with their time and watch Orange Is The New Black.  It is a netflix original series that is AMAZING, and thankfully it will only take you a few days to binge watch all episodes so the 30 day free trial is perfect for anyone currently without a Netflix account.  I decided to take my few days feeling sick to finish up the last episodes in bed and I can't wait for the second season even though I am pretty sure it hasn't even started filming yet.
Tonight is a girls night out on the town, and then tomorrow will hopefully be a perfect pool day followed by rest so that I can kick booty at the 10K Sunday.  Everyone have an amazing weekend!

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