Monday, September 16, 2013

Detroit Zoo 10K

Sunday was race day! 

This was the longest race I had signed up for this fall and I was actually really excited for it.  All of my girlfriends had ran the zoo race before but I was always out of town or had another engagement.  The race starts just outside of the Detroit Zoo, circles through the cute community surrounding it, and then ends right inside the gates of the zoo.  It was a super chilly morning but it was perfect running weather!

My goal for the race was to get under an 11 minute pace average, and I ended up officially finishing in 01:07:57 which put me at a 10:49 minute mile average.  Overall I was happy with my performance but I am not sure what is up with mile 4.... it always seems to be my worst mile!
The original plan was to see the animals but thanks to the temperature actually dropping during the run we were all frigid and decided to call it a day.  My right knee was super tight which was odd so I spent a good portion of the day relaxing and propping it up.  Today I am rocking the compression sleeves at work to help my tight legs, thankfully it is back to dress pants season!  This afternoon I hope to get in some time on the eliptical and then tonight is yoga to get me all stretched out. 
Hope everyone has a great monday!

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