Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Minnie took it out of me!


Once again I have been MIA... sadly this is happening more as the norm now a days!  But I am back and ready to fill you all in on my little life.  I was lucky enough to spend the last 2 weekend in Minnesota with my love!  Back when we learned the BF was going to grad school we planned a bunch of flights at least once a month so that we could see eachother.  My trip on the 19th had been planned for ages but about a month ago the BF learned that the 28th was his college homecoming and that there would be a ton of fun events going on.  Thanks to some cheap airfare I was able to go out and enjoy both weekends!

The first weekend we decided to just keep to ourselves and escape up to the lake house for some relaxation.  I have only ever gone up to the lake house during the summer so it was an experience to go up in the fall and enjoy the colors changing and bundled up boat rides!  We stocked the house with some amazing goodies from Williams Sonoma and had such a perfect weekend after 6 long weeks apart.  We also had some champagne to celebrate me finally completing my master program!!


This last weekend we decided that we should be less anti-social and soaked up all of the homecoming festivities.  Of course the weather was craptastic so Saturday it was low 60's and pouring rain.... thankfully we both had the same idea and just drank to make up for it!  We ended up having an amazing time and I loved being able to meet all of the people that he is spending every day with in school.  Honestly I get so jealous of all of the people he talks about because they get to see him everyday and go through the bad and the good together.  I really can't wait until I can be a part of all of it to!

So now I am back counting down the three weeks until the BF comes out and visits, and trying to make up for 2 weekends away and 1 week of sickness in between. 
True talk...... I haven't owned a scale in a long time but when I moved in with the BF he had one that I would use regularly.  When he moved he took it with him but last weekend I finally decided to weigh myself again and OMG now I knew everything was a little tighter but I did not expect to see that I had reached the highest weight I have been in years.  Now I know that the numbers on the scale don't always mean you're doing something wrong but I know that I have been majorly slacking on all aspect of my fitness and healthy eating.  The detroit relay is in 3.5 weeks and in general I really want to feel better about the way that my clothes are fiting me so here are my goals for the next few weeks:
1) Run everyday until the relay, it doesn't need to be a lot but at least get in at least a mile everyday on the day's that I don't have a training run until the relay.
2) Get back to my fitness pal, I was doing really well but then kinda let it slip as I started to fall off the eating wagon instead of keeping myself accountable.  It really does help me to keep track of what I am putting in my body and what nutrients I need to be getting more of.
3) Stop drinking to drink, a glass of wine after work, a vodka soda a trivia, there seem to be so many times that I only drink because those around me are or because it is just so convenient.  I love myself a glass of wine but I need to keep it to girls nights and nights on the town.
Anyone else have any goals to help get back on track?

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