Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekend update

This was my first weekend back in the mitten state after two away so I was excited to catch up with my girlfriends and soak up some football.

Friday night was a happy hour that never ended.... I swear this happens way too often. Started out innocent enough at 4pm and then happy hour turned into cocktail hour, and cocktail hour turned into shuffle board and then all starts to get a bit fuzzy lol! My original plan was to be home at 7pm so that I could bake cupcakes for the next day and get in some good rest. After many failed attempts (thanks to my enabling girlfriends) I finally made it home around 1am and realized that I still needed to make cupcakes. How they didn't end up into charred little hockey pucks I am not sure but they actually turned out great! Of course I seem to lack in the taking pictures front probably for the better but here is the one gem I do have from the night when we were being driven to another bar by a very nice sober friend since we didn't want to walk in the rain!

Saturday was homecoming for University of Michigan and they played University of Minnesota. Growing up in Michigan most people fall into 2 fan categories, Michigan or Michigan State, I was always a state girl and have always had a distaste for Michigan. Somehow I have seemed to make friends and live with only those who loooove UofM so I am always outnumbered. This weekend though was fun because now that BF is attending Minnesota and since I have the gear I was able to respectfully cheer against the home team! We had a ton of people come out and meet up for day drinking, and classing tailgating games. It was a super long day between the tailgating, full football game, and after events but it was so fun to be away with my friends and acting like we were still in college.


Sunday was recovery day and watching my Bears get their butts kicked again in football :-( seems to be a new Sunday tradition! I also got all of my errands and random life tasks pulled together and started working on the resume so I can start applying for jobs in Minnie!!!

Sunday I also decided with a good girlfriend to start a crazy new health adventure this week that I will have to share tomorrow so I can do a good write up on it... get excited!

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