Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3 Days of Crazy!

This is my life for 3 days!

When it came to resseting my mind and my body I decided to try something a little dramatic with my routine.  I have looked into juice cleanses before and have usually been afraid of the costs, the willpower involved, or the nasty side effects (hellllo master cleanse).  Plus we all know I love my food so I have never really gotten to the point where I really was motivated to give up my food for liquids.  This time was different and I am so happy I decided to give it a go.  Thankfully I have some crazy friends that wanted to join me so we are taking this little adventure together!

The Blue Print Cleanse has been toted has one of the highest quality juice cleanses on the market but the $300 price tag for 3 days after shipping was just not going to happen.  Thankfully the fun little thing called the internet exists and I was able to find a DIY BPC from this amazing blogger.  It also helps that one of my girlfriends invested in a really nice juicer and was excited to use it. 

How it works:  So you drink a total of 6 juices each day for 3 days, that is it no other foods.  Almost every juice is different to balance your fruit and veggie intake.  Since we decided to make all of our juices on our own we used the master grocery list from the blog link above and had a grocery haul that was a little insane!  The cost was only $50 total for groceries for the 3 days so I consider that a total WIN compared to the costs of the other juices.

We researched and read that fresh juices usually keep best in mason jars and less thea 24 hours, so we decided to juice every night.  Since neither of us have ever actually juiced before (or peeled a pineapple lol) the first night was a little rough and it took us about 2 hours.  Last night we were champs and were able to get everything done in about 1.  The prep is annoying but since we are saving hundreds of dollars it is totally worth it. 

You are supposed to keep your workouts light through the cleanse so yesterday and today I walked 2 miles as lunch and tonight I hope to get in at least another 2.  I am afraid to do hot yoga even though I know sweating is a good thing on detox but it just seems like a little too much right now!

So far I have been really surprised at how easy it has been.  Of course I miss food but I realized that I miss more the act of eating and making food then anything.  It is just another day of choosing fresh and healthy meals instead of choosing to eat the pizza, pasta, tacos, and all other amazing foods that parade around me every ay at work.  Now I won't be doing it for more than 3 days, but I will for sure be doing it again whenever I feel the need to restart and whenever my friends are up for being crazy with me.  Friday I will do a full recap on how the 3 days went!

Now to meet the juices!  Again if you want the recipes, directions, and much more information head over this blog to check out the woman who did all the hard work for me!

 The green juice AKA "The Salad":  So this is your first and third juice of the day and is packed full of veggies.  The recipe calls for romaine lettuce, kale, spinach, celery, cucumbers, apple, and lemon and oh boy is it powerful.  The apple and lemon do kill a lot of the flavor but it does still really taste like a salad lol! 

PAM:  This is your second drink of the day and is pretty simply pineapple, apple, and mint (if you remember to add it of course OOPS).  This is by far my favorite juice but lets be honest it is the only one that doesn't contain veggies and tastes like a tropical mixed drink minus the fun booze. Oh yea and in the first pic this is the slightly pink one because the first day we did the beets in the juicer first and it turned everything pink lol

Spicy Lemon: This is the drink that is exclusively on the master cleanse for anyone that has looked into it and is your fourth drink on the plan. It consists of water, lemons, which you juice whole by the way and blew my mind, agave, and cayenne pepper. To be honest I thought this was be good but it is just far too tart and spicy at once for my taste buds to comprehend.  The perk is though this is the one I drink in the late afternoon and the spicy def does give me a pick me up.

BAC: Beet, apple, and carrot is for some reason the combination that I can not seem to enjoy even an ounce of.  This is def my struggle juice (hence the straw) but my friends seem to really enjoy it.  I think the carrot makes it oddly bitter or something but it just isn't my cup of tea.  Oh and beware it stains anything it comes in contact with hot flipping pink!

Cashew milk:  This is a blended mixture of cashews, water, vanilla, cinnamon, and agave.  Lots of times this is called the dessert juice but mine wasn't all that sweet.  And even though I love my blender it wasn't quite enough to turn this completely smooth so I did have to chew a little but it was actually a welcome occurence after a day of just liquids.  I did actually go to Whole Foods today and pick up the real Cashew milk for the BPC since our local store carries all of the juices, and I also forgot to soak my cashews overnight so I knew it wouldn't work for me tonight!  Oh well I only gave in on this one so I don't feel too bad about it.

Again tomorrow I will give a full update but hopefully others will not be as afraid to try this crazy little 3 day adventure now!

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