Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Running is always better in new gear

I swear I am only ever motivated to run when I A) have a race that I am excited about or B) have new running gear!  Thankfully I have the later which made running yesterday enjoyable.

Sooo two weekends ago when I was in Minnie with the BF we decided to stop at an outlet mall on our way up to the lake house.  I love Banana Republic clothes for work but don't like to pay full price so we figured we would just swing in to look at a few things.  Well while there I saw a few girls with Lululemon Athletica bags.... I had heard a rumor that Lululemon outlets existed but knew there were none in MI so I never really looked again.  Well to my surprise the outlets we were at had them!!!  No I have always loved their workout gear but have never ever ever been able to afford anything more then a headband lol!  I was like a kid in a spandex candy store with everything 30-60% off!!  Pretty sure the BF thought I was crazy but I was just so excited to stock up on some new gear.  I walked out with 3 new pairs of running pants and 1 new pair of yoga shorts... I could have bought so much more but wanted to keep it under control (at least for this trip HA).  I was so pumped for the weather to wear my new leggings that it actually made me kinda excited to run.

I was able to get in 3 miles, the first 2 were pretty solid and I had to walked some of the 3rd but it still boosted my confidence for the relay next weekend.  I plan on doing 5 this weekend just so that I know I have it on race day but for now I am feeling good!  I guess I will have to sign up for another race soon so that I keep up my motivation, and my excuse to buy new stuff!

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