Monday, September 9, 2013

Running in the rain!

0% chance of rain... until I head out for my lunch time run of course!  I know you are supposed to train for any weather..... however running in the rain during lunch really isn't practical since my hair would turn into a curly hot mess for the rest of work!  I only was required to run 1mile but I really wanted to get in 2 just to feel better about the 10K this weekend.  The weather had a different idea so I turned around early and made it just over 1.  I usually don't run under an 11 minute mile and now that I have done it 2 days in a row I am getting even more confident that my speed training will pay off!

Also on the training plan today was strength training, the TIU Triathlon strength plan seemed like a perfect all over body workout and it didn't dissapoint.  This plan really concentrated on arms and abs with a few leg workouts thrown in.  My legs already get super toned when running consistently so I don't like to do too much at the gym to make them even more sore but I know I need to do at least little things to keep them strong and safe. 

And NO I am not planning on doing a triathlon anytime ever!!!  Swimming is best saved for the pool when I am too hot from laying out.... and I have this little problem where I don't know how to ride a bike sooooooooooo
Plan for tonight, get in a good session with my foam roller, complete my LAST final exam ever, and make up some chicken kabobs!!

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