Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back in training!

Sooo last week marked my first week back in training. I don't have any super long races coming up but I do have the Detroit Zoo 10K on September 14th and then my 4.5 miles leg of the Detroit Marathon on October 20th. Last week marked 8 weeks until the Marathon so I decided to find a good 10K plan to help me increase my speed and help with my endurance. No plan really fit what I wanted so I just took the best one I could find and made some changes.

The one thing different about the plan I printed off is that for the first time I am including speed work into the mix. I usually run a 11-12 minute mile pace for long races and can sometimes get it to a 10:30 for shorter races like a 5K. I recently had to do a mile for time and I actually got myself down to 9:35 but I also knew I only had to sustain it for one mile. Since my portion of the relay is only 4.5 miles I decided that I would set my time goal to hit under a 10 minute mile! This is a huge deal for me so I wanted to train for it appropriately.

First let me say that I had a hard time figuring out what in the world I was supposed to do... seeing things like "4x800 5K pace" threw me for a total loop. Thankfully I found an awesome plan from Hal Higdon that explained everything perfectly. Tuesday I got in 3.5 miles and yesterday I had to do 4x800's. This means that I run 400 meters at a 5K pace and then am supposed to jog for another 400 meters before I repeat. Yeaaaaaa about that...... it wasn't pretty. I couldn't seem to get my stamina up to jog during the "rest" meters. This is def going to take some work and my legs are def not happy that I even tried it yesterday. I know it is only the second week so I have 6 more to go to get the hang on it but I really hope I can pull it together at least on race day to help my team out!

The only thing that did help my running mood is that while away this weekend I decided to pick up some new shoes! I went to Gazelle Sports in Grand Rapids which is where I got my last pair and tried on a few different styles. Apparently I am a Nike Lunarglide girl because I ended up choosing the exact same shoes I have been running in since February. These ones are much brighter though and were def fun to run in. I may not be able to run fast but at least I will look good doing it (or just distract people with my neon yellow)!

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