Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A few of my favorite things

I don't really expect anyone to be reading my blog, or to be interested in my life really; however, I figure I might as well introduce myself a little better just in case.  I am a photo whore (if you ever saw my FB you would agree) so I figured pictures of my favorite things would probably be best! Also these are in no particular order!

1) My sister:  Without going into some long drawn out story about my family all you really need to know is they are a mess.  In the end though this girl has basically become both my daughter and my best friend.  Don't think I would be here without her even though she drives me nuts.  Also this is probably one of my favorite set of pics ever!

2) My Girls:  I have have many many friends come and go through the years but I am so lucky to have the amazing friends that I do.  The girlies on the left are my high school girls that have been there for me through everything.  They are all wifed up and one is expecting her first baby so sometimes I feel out of the loop but I still love them and miss them since they all live a few hours away.  The right girls that fill my weekends and every waking moment since they are my roomies and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Spoiled with 3rd row seats from my BF

3) Sports: Football is king with hockey being a close second.  I am a hardcore Chicago Bears fan and Detroit Red Wings fan... growing up on the west side of Michigan gave me the opportunity to look at both Detroit and Chicago to pick from lol

4) The beach:  really there is no place I would rather be on any given day then on an amazing beach with a drink!

5) My BF:  I could go on and on about how amazing of a person he is to me and how he has made me even better but I will spare the details for another post.  This pic was taken on our first date almost a year ago and I have been this giddy ever since. 

6) My puppy:  Baby bear was given to me as a gift when I first graduated and moved on my own to a whole new city.  He was my baby and my best friend and he tragically died at only 2 from a stroke.  I still miss him and talk about him a little too often.  Haven't been able to get myself to get a new one yet and he will always be my baby!

7) And on a lighter note PB:  Yup pretty sure I couldnt' live without my JIF.  I try to eat pretty healthy and although I know there are better options out there I put PB on everything including just a spoon!  This is my typical snack at work since Yes I do have a jar in my desk!

Those are just a few of my favorite things!!  Hopefully if you actually do read this you know me a little better now :-)

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