Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcome to cold weather running

I hate winter.. ask anyone.  I was raised in MI but have always been a California girl at heart!  Yesterday I had to do my 8 mile run which I surprisingly did with not too much trouble, until mile 4 where is started to downpour in the 50 degree weather.  Not exactly sure how MI missed the fall memo this year, only a week ago it was hitting 90 and then this morning I had frost on my car.  I however decided that this was the perfect time to bust out my new running jacket that I bought a few months back.  Running in mittens can sometimes be a pain just because the temperature can fluctuate so much but this coat solves that problem!

So cool you just flip over the little cuff and voila you have mittens!!  Very happy I bought this and that I can finally use it.  26 days to go until the big race!!!

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