Thursday, February 14, 2013

Can I be done yet?

10 days until the big race and let’s just say I am over it!  My knees, hips, legs, and feet hurt, and I would rather just be going home after work and napping rather than dedicating an hour to running.  Pretty sure the treadmill is what is getting me.... having to stare at the same view at least an hour 5 times a week has gotten old now that I am 8 weeks in.  Having a race is definitely  what keeps me motivated so thank goodness I am signed up for more this spring but I am hoping the mitten state will give me at least some 40 degree days so I can mix up my training. 

Monday I got in 2 miles and a super difficult lift, Tuesday is school so I didn't get a workout in at all, Yesterday I was able to get in 3.5 miles in with a lift, and today I need to do 4 and some ab work to burn some of the calories I know I will be consuming at work!  This weekend I have to get in 10 miles and then next week I can take it fairly easy since it is race week.  I am thinking that I will be able to accomplish my goal of running the entire 13.1 miles this time.  That is the only goal I set for myself so as long as my pace is averaging 11 minutes per mile I will be a happy camper. 

Since I needed some motivation I googled the half marathon and found this picture which gave me goose bumps.... I am a sucker for fireworks and I am pretty sure if they start the race like this again I will cry happy happy tears!!

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