Thursday, February 7, 2013

I can't lift my arms

So apparently going 6 months without really lifting and then starting back up again will make you extremelly sore!  I have been doing these exercises on top of my running schedule and this week decided to up my weights since it was getting easier, and boy am I paying for it today!  It feels awesome to know that I am now working my whole body but I feel like an old lady since my legs, abs, and whole upperbody is so sore when I get out of bed.  But it will all be worth it in 3 weeks when I put on a bikini and actually feel good about it.

We were in Florida the exact same time last year and I realized that I only have one pic ^ of me actually in my bathing suit the whole time.  Now I know that people would be more than happy with that body but I was not.  I knew I wasn't working out or eating the way I should be, and I didn't feel confident or comfortable which is the key.  With all of my hard work I know that I will feel better then ever this year and can't wait to spend a week relaxing on the beach.  Tonight since I am so sore I am going to take it easy, try to get in an easy 3 mile run and then spend some time with my friend the foam roller.

In other news this week and weekend was crazy.  I finally got my new car!  Had a few too many jello shots at my roomies birthday!  Judged a rib cook-off!  Cught up with a old friend that I am happy to have back in my life!  And made some pretty awesome meals that I am excited to share!

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