Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Upper Body Catch-Up

Now that my running is in check and on schedule I decided that I really wanted to step up my weight training routine.  A few years back the only cardio I would do was in an aerobics class and I would lift 4-5 times a week.  When I was training for my first half-marathon I decided that running was enough but I could tell that my arms and my abs were not nearly as toned as they used to be.  Even though my legs are in top shape I want my whole body to look better than it ever has!

I read a lot of different fitness blogs and websites and find different bits and pieces of each to apply to my life.  One of the websites I read is He and She Eat Clean, (of course I found it through pinterest) and I have liked reading their stories and hearing about a lot of the new trends in clean eating.  The other day they knew just what I was looking for and had 2 great workouts posted.  I liked that these were simple, and that I would be able to do them in my tiny gym at my work.  During the last week I have done both a few times and it is crazy how much you can feel it the next day.  My plan is to do each one twice a week so my schedule will be running 5 days a week, lifting 4 days a week, and resting/stretching for 2.  Bikini body here I come!!

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