Friday, January 4, 2013

Sock buns don't like to run

So yesterday I actually ran WAHOOO!  Yup I have been completely slacking, so I am on a new 8 week training plan and yesterday I ran a pretty easy 3 miles.... well yesterday it was easy today I’m feeling otherwise.  I was surprised at how much energy I had and I am hoping it can keep up for the next 8 weeks! 

The high this week in the D is only 32 and there is currently bunches of snow on the ground which means that my butt is only outside when it absolutely has to be.  So this round of training I am going to be relying on the treadmill more than anything.  I work on a military installation so I am lucky enough to have a full gym on base, I have no excuse not to bring in a gym bag and go right after work.  I also get the chance to look at the occasional hot military man!

Yesterday my hair was pretty dirty and so I decided to wear my hair in my new go-to look, the sock bun.  Yup the one that blew up pinterest and just about everything a few months back.  When I first tried it was a little rough looking but now I definitely have the hang of it, and it is perfect for the days when your hair just isn't behaving.  Since I did go to the gym right after work I still had it in and figured that since it stays secure all day that I should have no problems.  Well I learned that sock buns and running don't mix, now it didn't fall out or anything but as you can tell even just a ponytail would have probably looked better lol


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