Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dayquil is my Lover

Yup the cold bug has finally caught up to me!  So far no fever and thankfully no flu so for now I am living off hot tea and Dayquil and hoping to make it through the day.  Since my mind is a little fuzzy with a flurry of Vicks and meds figured a random thoughts post would be best!

1) In one month I will be out of uggs and in the ocean!!  This thought makes me beyond happy.  The last two days we haven't gotten out of the single digits and yesterday the temp held around 0 for far too long.  This time next month I will be officially in Disneyworld soaking up the sun and carbo loading for the big race!

2) My roommates are enablers.  Now it’s not fair to blame it on them but when I uttered the words "screw this I am just going to order pizza" when my healthy mac and cheese turned out less than stellar they should have yelled a collective NO.  Instead it was MMMM which meant that I ordered a pizza, breadsticks, and a salad only to eat a piece and decide that I was full.  My coworkers are happy though that I brought it in so that they all have a free lunch.

3) I have skinny girl problems.  So I have been lucky enough to lose some weight over the last month or so and my legs have leaned out a ton.  Now even though this is the intended goal now none of my work pants fit, not a bit.  They are all saggy in the butt, hips, and thighs and most are way too big around the waist as well.  Even though I know people wish they could have this complaint with dress pants at least $65 a pair the last thing I want to do is go out and buy all new ones.

4) Technology is awesome!  The BF has been gone most weeks the last few months and is home only on weekends.  I have never been a big phone person and we learned that he isn't either.  However with both of us being Apple people we have learned the amazing power of FaceTime.  It's much easier for us to just log in and chat and be able to still carry on with random stuff like eating dinner of folding laundry.

5) I already did my taxes because I am a dork like that and like to submit them ASAP.  Pretty sure this is the last year I will get a substantial refund so I will take it while I can.

Pretty sure that’s all I got. Now I am going to attempt to concentrate on work and hopefully this Dayquil will kick in fast!

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