Monday, January 7, 2013

First Long Run... CHECK

It may have only been 4 miles but it was still my first "long run" of my training program!  I was surprised at how easy it was and hopefully I can keep up my momentum.

The BF and I came to our work gym and it was awesome since there we were the only ones in the entire gym.  It was nice to have a workout buddy and it is always an added motivation for me to go those extra few minutes.  The BF did a 7 miler so I had some time to work on my upper body and man am I paying for it today.  I can barely lift my arms but its nice to be at the point where even the pain feels good since you know your one step closer to the body you want!

I also used a foam roller for the first time in ages... oh my gosh I wanted to cry but I am so thankful I did it today.  Thanks to running and my love of heels my leg muscles are in a constant knot and the roller really does get all of the kinks out.  If you haven't heard of them google it and any runner will be thankful they did!  Oh and I also decided that I always always look like a hot mess in the gym but as long as I am there and I have a good workout I have learned not to care HA

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