Friday, January 11, 2013

Time To Bundle

I'm sure like most other states winter in Michigan is in full blast!  Yesterday the sun fooled me and I convinced myself that since I have been super bored on the treadmill that I would be able to run outside.  The second I stepped out of work I knew I had made a mistake but decided that it would be a test of my willpower (and more an excuse not to run HA).  I needed to run 4 miles and convinced myself that I could just do a quick 2 mile lap and call it good.   I had on a headband, scarf, gloves, tech tee, long sleeve, UA hoodie, soccer socks, leggings, UA yoga pants, and another pair of socks for good measure.

Well to my surprise I actually bundled a little too well and the run went amazing!  I ran 4 miles straight and crazily enough my time improved with each mile.  It felt good to be outside again and I actually had to take off my gloves and scarf half way through since I was getting so warm (which sounds crazy when its 40 degrees out).  The weather this weekend is supposed to be in the mid 40's with chances of rain so I hope that the rain at least holds off long enough each day to let me get a good run in.

Then to continue on the "let’s forget its cold outside" theme the BF and I went to froyo.  I am already a sucker for self serve froyo and a new place opened up not too far from us.  It was amazing!!!  My favorite is always vanilla with some type of fruit and oats.  The BF usually goes the complete opposite with every type of candy and syrup you can find.  As long as you are conscious of what toppings you are using and how much you eat it is actually a perfect sweet treat for anyone trying to stay healthy and on track. 

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