Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weekday Wine Night

My name is Ashley and I drank too much wine! 

Happy hour always seems to get the best of me, not sure why I haven't learned my lesson yet.  Last night J and I decided to meet up after work to catch up and take advantage of happy hour.  J is my girlfriend who was in the hospital for almost a full month in December and even though I visited almost every day we still haven't been able to just catch up since almost November!  3 glasses of wine (each), and a months worth of gossip later we decided we should probably call it a night.  Not sure what it is about wine and girlfriends that is just the perfect combination no matter what day or time!

Now with that being said I have realized that I really need to cut down on my drinking.  For the last month or two I have been drinking 3-4 nights a week.  Most weeks will consist of at least one happy hour, a few dinners out, and two weekend nights (or days) with friends.  For example this week will have one happy hour with J, a wine tasting with girlfriends on Friday, and a date night downtown with the BF.  The habit hasn't been good on my waistline or my wallet!  The drinking won't help with my running or diet which are two things I am working way too hard on to not see results.  One day a week is going to be my new limit and it doesn't mean I can't go to the events I just need to order water instead of wine and really stick to my resolution of being commited to my goals. 

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