Thursday, January 24, 2013

One month to go!

It's official... only one month to go until the Disneyworld Half-Marathon!!!  I am super excited, a little nervous, and just ready for it to be here.  Training has been slacking lately but I have been able to keep up with my short runs and I just need to become a little more dedicated to my long runs.  It is much harder having to train on a treadmill but in this weather is it all I've got so I have to make it work. 

In sad news the Disneyland Half-Marathon race this September is already sold out.  Registration opened 2 weeks ago, I looked at it on Tuesday of this week to make sure I had the dates and times correct so we could coordinate flights and it was only 60% full.  Last night the BF and I went on to register and it had already sold out.  Yes I know this isn't a real world problem but I was really pumped to be able to do the coast to coast challenge and to have my mom and family be able to see me run a race when we visited.  Hopefully we will be able to find another race to run in California but it will sting a little bit that we aren't able to do this one. 

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