Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to 2013!

The new year is officially here!!  This year I wanted to ring in the New Year a little more low key then in the past and I think it turned out just perfectly.  We invited over some of our friends to the BF's house and had a really easy night with a little too much champagne!

Favorite parts of 2012:  2012 was an incredible year for me and I am really really excited to see what 2013 has to offer.  I would have to say that my favorite part of 2012 was finally feeling like the east side of Michigan was my real home.  I've gone through a few apartments, friends, and boyfriends, but this year it all came together.  I have a great group of people surrounding me, I love my living situation, and the BF has made each moment of this year a ton of fun.  For as "unsettled" (AKA don't own a home and not married) as I am I feel completely settled and totally happy with where my life is and where I am going. 

Looking forward to in 2013:  Vacations.... in total I took over 10 trips in 2012 which is crazy!  Each one of these trips was awesome but also some of them were a little too much stress rather than vacation.  2013 will be more about the trips that we choose to take.  The BF and I have also decided that with him leaving for grad school in the fall that we will take a BIG trip right before he leaves with just him and I.  Right now we are in between a few locations but I am looking forward to that one the most. 

Resolutions:  I'm always a little torn on resolutions because I never want to set my self up with goals that are too specific or more than I can really handle.  So this year I think I have decided on 4 that I hope to stick to through 2013 and beyond.

1) Read More!  I have always been a big reader and Barnes and Nobles used to be my favorite hang out spot but lately I have been slacking.  I am planning on buying a kindle and getting back into reading for fun instead of watching the latest instalment of Real Houswives.  I also want to read some good business books like the ones on this list I just found.

2) Dress to Impress!  Mainly I am going to be stepping up my daily work attire.  I just got a promotion and a job with a lot more visibility and responsibility, and I want to look the part.  Just because a majority of my coworkers choose the more casual side of business casual I want to embrace the more business side.

3) Gain willpower and commitment!  I struggle with this often in various parts of my life, mainly eating right and working out.  I have a few big runs I want to do this year and I need to really learn how to prioritize and commit myself better to any training plan I am on.  Also I need to learn that just because someone brought in a box of donuts doesn't mean I need to eat one LOL

4) Say no!  2012 was a really busy, and sometimes really overwhelming year.  I feel like I missed out on a lot of things just because I was too stressed or simply thinking about what I had to do next instead of embracing where I was.  This year I want to say no just a little more often, I don't need to go on every weekend trip, bar night, workout class, or whatever else seems to clog up my schedule.

Hope everyone had a wonderful start to their New Year!

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