Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lunch Time 5K

So yesterday I ran a 5K on my lunch hour... that is something I never thought I would say! 

A year ago I couldn't even run a full mile, and now a 3 mile run is my short run.  Today was the first day I ever called myself a runner, my Dr. asked me what I did to stay in shape and I said "I'm a runner".  It felt really odd to say but I think at this point I can officially say it and not feel like I am lying.  What's funny is I still don't like running, but I do like the races, the friends I run with, and the way it has transformed my body.  2012 was my first year running and 2013 is already full of some pretty amazing runs that I am actually excited to do.  Here are the races I am currently committed to but I plan on doing quite a few more as they pop up!

February 24th Disneyworld Princess Half Marathon

May 11th Fifth Third River Bank 10K

May 25th Soldier Field 10 Mile

June 2nd DX A2 10K

September 1st Disneyland Half Marathon

October 30th Detroit Free Press Marathon Relay

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