Friday, January 25, 2013

Downtown Adventures

Downtown Detroit gets a bad rap, watching or reading any news and you'll see it.  Every city has it's problems and Detroit is no different; however, there are so many things to do and see if you just give it a chance.  The BF and I try to get down there often to try out any of the amazing restaurants, bars, shows, sports, or any other entertainment.  We stay in the safe areas, always travel in groups, and always make sure we know where we are going, which I feel like is the standard protocol for entertainment in any big city.

This week we will spend three straight nights there and I am super excited about it.  Last night we went to the North American Auto Show to see all the new shiny cars and awesome displays.  I have gone for about 5 straight years, but this is the first time I actually went while car shopping which actually made it a lot more fun.  Well a lot more fun except for the fact that I decided that all I really want is my Audi Q5 or an Aston Martin... oh to dream!  Sadly my car potential list is even higher now but we had a great time and got to see some amazing concepts and dream cars.  I also had a little fun with the giant statue of the Michelin man!

Tonight we are heading to the Red Wings game!  Thank goodness hockey is back, the only thing enjoyable about winter for me is hockey.  Detroit plays Minnesota tonight but the BF and I decided that we would just watch from home but that all changed when we saw the billboard on the way into work this morning.  Thanks to stub hub we now have tickets in hand and I can't wait!

Saturday a huge group (14) of us are heading back downtown for the FUN. concert.  Concerts are usually a good time in my book no matter what the band is and trust me I have been to some really odd ones.  This however should be a really cool show and a good time with friends.

On the running front:  2.5 miles yesterday, and I was pretty sure my calves were going to explode.  Made sure to love the foam roller last night.  Today I am hoping to get in 4 real quick after work before we leave for the game. 

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