Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday:  Since it is so slow at work on Friday's I was lucky enough to get into the gym at lunch and get in a solid 3 miles.  After my outside run on Thursday I was really bored to be back on the treadmill but proud of myself for sticking through it.  Friday night my roomies and I went wine tasting at a place not too far from our house.  We have all been gone for the holidays and it was wonderful to be able to catch up, it’s crazy that you sometimes need to catch up with the people you live with!  We also all came to the sad realization that we are now adults... our conversation focused more on investing, retirement plans, buying homes, and other old people stuff that we had to change quickly LOL.

 Saturday:  Car shopping... pretty much the scariest thing ever.  Not sure why in the world I am so afraid of car shopping but it gives me serious anxiety.  I finally worked up the confidence and had the BF come with me to a bunch of dealerships so I could make a short list of the cars I am interested in.  I was doing just fine until one of the dealers asked me a ton of questions and then asked me if I wanted to test drive, yes this is standard but I was not ready for all of that yet.  Thankfully I already had a pretty good list, this week I need to sort them out and then next weekend will be some test drives and hopefully a purchase! 

Saturday night we decided it had been far too long and did a date night downtown.  We started at the DIA which is a gorgeous and absolutely huge art museum in downtown Detroit.  There was so much to see but definitely a place better seen in small doses.  After that we got drinks at one of our favorite spots Coach Insignia at the top of the tallest building in Detroit. There are gorgeous views and even tastier drinks.  We finished with an Italian dinner and more drinks with a good friend.  It was a great date night and since the BF will be gone for the next few weeks with works a perfect way to say bye for a bit.

Sunday:  Thanks to an awkwardly warm weekend everything melted and threw my allergies into high gear.  I am highly allergic to mold so the only time my allergies aren't a mess is when the ground is frozen.  This left me feeling sick all day, which means I did not a thing.  The BF was nice enough to make me some chicken noodle soup and we got froyo for dessert, which was by far the highlight of my day.  Sadly I skipped my long run since I didn't even have the energy to move off the couch but I am hoping to get in a few extra miles today to make up for it. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend of their own!

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