Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Nights

BF and I are members at the local history museum and were really excited to learn that they did a holiday nights event all of December.  It is held at Greenfield Village which is a huge outdoor space filled with old time houses, exhibits, activities, and employees.  We loved visiting there during the summer and were excited to see it done up for Christmas.  We bought out tickets a little late so the only night available was the night after Christmas but we knew it would still be an awesome time. 

The night started a little rough because Detroit received its first big snow fall of the year (we got about 10 inches total in 5 hours) so the road and the drivers were a little crazy.  A 30 minute trip took us over an hour but it was well worth it.... and I will admit the snowfall did make the event even prettier.

Since the museum is ran by Ford we got to go on antique Model T rides

Ice Skating

And my all time favorite part of the night..... FIREWORKS!!  Anyone that knows me knows that fireworks are pretty much my favorite thing in the entire world; I am basically like a small child on Christmas whenever I see them!  These were especially wonderful because A) I have never seen fireworks in the snow and B) while they were going off they had everyone at the event singing Christmas carols which made it even more beautiful.

Overall it was a really amazing night, and it will definitely be a new tradition during the Christmas holiday.

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