Monday, December 10, 2012


So its been a few days but to be honest my mind is just a bit cloudy.

I promise to update soon I have so much to catch up on including my holiday party, and feeling a little far behind in life in general but for now I just need to uncloud a little.

A week ago my best friend here at home J was admitted to the hospital for something we all thought would pass.  She was throwing up and we all just thought it would be a quick in and out for nausea or the stomach flu.  Well things got worse fast, pretty soon she was in so much pain that she couldn't even move without whimpering and being put into tears.  Saturday I spent a lot of the day with her and it looked like things were finally getting better however last night her cell counts dropped dangerously low and she had to have a blood transfusion.  She reacted adversly to the blood and at about 1am last night she was unable to breathe and had to be rushed into critical care.  Today I went to the hospital and sadly things have gotten worse and will continue to until they can figure out what is going wrong with her.

I am so scared for her and I can't imagine the pain she is enduring right now.  Having a best friend is the best thing in the world but seeing that friend in such a condition hurts your heart so badly.  I wish that things get better soon and until then I will be a little preoccupied playing nurse and trying to cheer up my friend because I know she would be doing the same for me!

I love you J and I need you back and feeling better!!!

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