Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Oh Christmas, to be honest I am not the biggest Christmas person.  I hate Christmas music, most decorations just look like clutter to me (which as an OCD person drives me nuts), and I don't like the cold or the constant whining from everyone about "neeeeeding" a white Christmas.  Jesus was born in a desert (he is the reason for the season right) and he did just fine with no snow!  But moving on...

My family situation isn't the best so I don't spend Christmas with my immediate family but I have been blessed to have so many amazing friends that make each Christmas special and so much fun!  And this year was going to be a little more special since this was the first year the BF and I were able to spend the day together.   Also my sister came out for the weekend to celebrate the holiday a bit early which was wonderful! 

Christmas Eve was just the BF and I, and we decided to make the best of it.  We spent most of the day cuddled up and relaxing.  Since I knew we were doing Christmas dinner with friends I decided I wanted to make a huge meal.  I am going to do a whole blog post on the recipes but I made some amazing bacon wrapped glazed pork, a gratin potatoes, and green beans!   And the BF made the table look super cute so I had to put it up lol

Christmas morning was perfect with some cinnamon rolls and mimosas!!  Then it was present time... seriously this year I was so so lucky with the things I received.  My favorite gift not from the BF (because of course that will be my favorite) was my Ninja blender from my Dad.  I just asked him for a nice blender but he went all out and got me the one that does the personal size smoothies, has a food processor, and will blend through just about anything.  I am really pumped to bust it open and start using it!  So my favorite gift of all.......

This beautiful necklace!!!  The BF did good, reeeeeal good!  I love pearls and this necklace is perfect enough to wear almost every day and it has two little diamonds above it which match earrings he bought me for Valentine ’s Day this year.  Now I know I have said many many times that the BF is too good to be true and here is another reason why.... one of his best friends is a JEWELER!  Yup never thought of putting that on my checklist, but seriously it is awesome to have someone who knows my taste, his taste, and can always make sure that the BF is getting a good quality piece!  She can also do custom pieces since she studied art and design in college which will be really nice in the future when I've got a little more $$$ to spend!

Christmas evening we were lucky enough to be invited into my friend’s family home.  I spent Christmas day last year with them as well and they are such fun people!  They made a huge steak dinner, and the cocktails were flowing like water, which is standard operating procedure for any fun friend holiday.  At the end of the night the guys decided to try to constantly beat each other on the Kinect, because that’s what guys do I guess but it made for some fun entertainment for all of us ladies. 

This Christmas was a blast and I am so thankful for the people I spent it with and all of the amazing things I received.  I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas as well!

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