Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Looking up!

So last week was a little rough... but it ended on a very very high note! 

Thursday night the BF returned from his work trip, and my wonderful sister came into town.  We had a quiet night and I made some amazing Shepard's pie and just relaxed. 

Friday I got two amazing emails.  The first was telling me that I got the job I applied for a few weeks back.  I have already been sitting on the position but there were a ton of people that interviewed and I was nervous.  But I thankfully got the job, and the pay raise to go with it WAHOO!  And the second came from a slightly important person The President!  Well not specifically to me of course, however as a DOD employee we can only be given Christmas Eve off as an official order of the president and with all of the other crap going on in the nation we didn't think that we would be getting it this year.  However he came through at the last minute and let us know that Monday would be a paid day off, and that I would be having a 5 day weekend!

Saturday the BF was nice enough to bring my sister, roomate, and I to the bar so we could have some cocktails and celebrate the holidays!  Needless to say we had a few too many but it was a really fun night and a great kickoff to Christmas!

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