Friday, December 14, 2012


Sooo lets be honest here... my half-marathon training officially began over a week ago and I have ran a total of 3, yes 3 miles.  Now I can always use the excuse of life being busy and having other more important things to be concentrating on but I need to learn how to make this a priority.

Monday will but me at 10 weeks until the half and that is when my commitment will kick into high gear (hopefully lol).  To be honest I have barely even had time for sleep in the last week thanks to all of the not only work but personal chaos in my life but I need to get it under control.  In reality running 3 miles only takes be about 30 minutes and I have no excuse to not have 30 minutes in my day even if it means doing it before work or on my lunch hour.

This weekend I am hoping to reset.... tonight I am heading out to Grand Rapids to visit one of my high school girls who just had her baby girl and to see my other friends as well.  Saturday we are doing a 007 date night and then Sunday will just be relaxing.

Sunday I am making the BF a big dinner since his Vikings beat my Bears last week (grrrr) so next week I will have some life, running, and food updates for you!!

On a random not this is probably the best stuff I have had in ages, totally obsessed and I just learned they sell them at Sam's club so I will for sure be stocking up!

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