Thursday, December 20, 2012


Ever sometimes feel like at some point you did something to piss off the universe. 
Work and personal stuff has sent my nerves through the roof lately but I have been able to cope pretty well (BF may say differently LOL).  However Monday pushed me over my threshold.  While christmas shopping I was at a cash register and must have set my phone on the counter instead of in my pocket or purse and didn't realize it.  I walked away and about 30 seconds later (mind you hadn't even made it out of the store) turned around to go grab it.  Well within the minute someone had grabbed taken my phone, and shut it off.  Yes a lost phone isn't the end of the world and having find my iphone installed meant that I could erase all of the data remotely, what upset me the most is that the person that took it had to have been the person behind me in line. They stood behind me for a few minutes watched me, saw me put it down, and instead of being a decent person decided that they would instead steal my phone. 

I've learned that when it comes to the people in this world I am pretty nieve.  I really think the best of people, choose to believe that people are good and trustworthy, I shudder everytime I watch the news and watch the tragedies unfolding in our country, and yet still choose to think the best of every person I meet.  having it slap you in the face brings you back to reality and it hit me really hard. 

Oh then I got into a long drawn out fight with my Mom (lord knows that wasn't pleasent), and then my hair straightner died.  So to say Monday was my breaking point is an understatement.

Tuesday I took a "personal health day" basically a day to stay at home and do absolutely nothing which was wonderful, and then on wednesday I learned that someone had stolen my debit card number a while ago and was trying to make some pretty big purchases.

Last night I drank about a bottle of wine and did a gift exchange with my girlies, it may have not been the best way to cope but it sure did help.  I know I am a good person, I know I help others as much as I can, and sometimes s#it will hit the fan, this week was that week for me.  But Karma is the ultimate payback and to all of those that did me wrong this week they will get their own in good time!

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