Wednesday, March 27, 2013

10K Training Plan

I have signed up for 2 upcoming 10K's.... one is in Grand Rapids with a bunch of my girlfriends in mid May and the second is only a few weeks after in early June.  Even though I have been keeping up with my running I have decided that my goal for spring/summer is to increase my speed.  I have to admit it was really cool to be able to google "intermediate" training plans rather than beginner this time since I knew I could comfortably run a good 3-5 miles.  I am now 7 weeks out from the first of the races and this training plan fits perfectly.

This is the first time I will be working on speed-work is is actually kind of cool... anything to break up the constant running is welcome in my book.  Sadly this week I am still fighting off the last bits of the flu so I haven't been able to get in the training but I am not too concerned that I will be able to pick it up on the LR this weekend. 

Happy training to anyone else working towards something!

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