Friday, March 8, 2013

Keeping it up!

I've learned that I do best when I have real motivation, such as a race or event to keep me moving.  Since I am officially out of half marathon training I am making sure that I keep up all of the progress I have made and make even more. 

We are doing a few 5k's within the next few months and then I have a 10k in May.  I am pretty confident in my abilities to do the distance but I need to make sure to keep up my endurance.  My plan right now is to run at least 10 miles a week.  Based on my current schedule I am thinking this will be broken down into 3 small weekly runs (1-2 miles) and a longer weekend run with the BF especially now that the weather is getting better. 

One thing that does keep me motivated is shiny new workout gear.... yes it may sound petty but I love going to the gym when I have new shoes or new workout clothes to sport.  As my reward for the Princess half I decided to get some new running shoes since mine were well past their prime anyway.

I am a size 5-5 1/2 so to find shoes is a nightmare but I was lucky enough to be in Grand Rapids and go to Gazelle Sports where they did a bunch of treadmill tests and specialized things in order to make sure I was getting the best shoe for me.  It was also a bonus that they carry most of their shoes down to a size 5 which is not standard for almost any shoe store!

 Now that running can be done just for my cardio I am planning on really concentrating on lifting and getting the rest of my body as toned as my legs have gotten.  Since I haven't concentrated on lifting in a while I am planning on doing these exercises that I found on He and She Eat Clean which is an awesome website with tips and tricks.  I posted 2 of these a bit ago and they added more so I figure I will put them all in one place.

In order to get them all in during the week I plan on doing leg day with chest/tri day on a non running day but with some other cross cardio work, and then do the back/bi and shoulder on my running days.  I also finish up every workout with some abs. 

And just to make sure that I wouldn't get bored I just bought a groupon for a 4 week women's bootcamp which I hope to start as we get closer to summer and the BF and I both bought groupons to a new Crossfit place in the D that we are excited to try.  Hopefully all this will keep me going and get my bikini body in check!

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