Monday, March 25, 2013

Lucky Dash and SPD

Welp this is only a week late but oh well at least I am catching up now!  Last weekend a few of us decided to run another St. Patricks Day 5K so that we could feel a little less guilty for the amount of drinks we knew we would be consuming.  Thr course was really easy and was actually in an area that most of us run often.  It was an interesting race because 1) the 5K was actually only 2.9 miles long (the boys were so happy about their times until they learned this HA)  2) half way through we were stopped by a train due to poor planning and 3) it was only about 30 degrees!  J and I decided that we would "run" it together but since the weather was so cold we couldn't really breathe and decided more to power walk the course and plot our outfits for SPD.  It all paid off though with our awesome tutus.  Pretty sure as of right now there are no other races planned until my 10K in early May which I am really excited for.  I will be posting the training plan and such later but for now here are the pics from last weekend!

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