Thursday, March 28, 2013

26.2 Relay

So I am running a Marathon... with a little help from some girlfriends of course!  None of us are crazy enough to attempt the whole thing on our own so we decided this year to join a relay team.  5 of us signed up on the most awesome team ever "Is there wine at the end?" yea classy I know HA

In training is def a lie because my portion of the event is only 4.4 miles but I am the one that gets to finish it which is really awesome.  2 of the girls on my team have never ran this race before so it will be really fun to all train together and get pumped up together the morning of the event.  This isn't until October so my main goal is to get my speed up. I am thinking since I only have to run 4.4 miles I should be able to bust out a sub 10 potentially 9 minute mile but since I am still at about a 10:30 I have some work to do. 

It is really exciting that running has become such a friend event.  I started running just over a year ago because a few of my friends and my BF did it.  They would always talk about their races and training and honestly I just wanted to be a part of it to.  The coolest thing is that now I have gotten many more of my friends running and it is awesome to see what it has done for them.  Many of them have hit their weight loss or fitness goals, or just done things like run a 5K which is more then they ever thought they would do.  Having friends along for the journey makes it a lot more fun and I am so proud of those who inspired me and those I have inspired along the way!

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