Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend update!

Seriously could not have asked for a better weekend!  The weather, company, and activities were all perfect! 

Friday night the BF and I cracked down and got our entire apartment organized and cleaned.  It feels so nice to finally have everything in a place.  Even though I was really nervous at the beginning I am now loving every minute of being in "our" place.  All of the cleaning and such made us super boring and we ended up in bed by 11.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to get ready for a 5K.  It started at the park across from our apartment so even though we didn't hear about it until Friday we still had no excuse to skip it.  The race supported the Mind Over Matter (MOM) Foundation which raises money for suicide and mental health awareness.  Sadly both of these issues hit very close to home for the BF and I so we were really excited to be able to participate on such short notice.  Ended up finishing just under 34 minutes which was right where I should be with my current pacing.

After the race I went to get my hair done by my hair god Danny!  Seriously he just does amazing things and I have never felt prettier then when I walk out of the salon.  We then had all of our friends over for a "Quatro De Mayo"/housewarming party.  It was a perfect day for bags, beer pong, flippy cup, and eating too much Mexican food!  Everyone stayed until way after dark and it couldn't have been a better day.


Sunday the BF woke up early to head golfing which left a whole day for me to do whatever I wanted.  Even though living together is going amazing it was awesome to wake up and have no agenda but my own.  I had brunch with some friends, and then stayed productive the whole rest of the day with cleaning and homework.  I have a 10K next weekend and I have been totally unable to do any type of structured training.  I haven't ran over 4 miles since the Disney race so I knew I needed to get in a long run.  I headed out about 7:30 and was able to get in the full 6.2 miles!!  I did it in 72 minutes which is under my goal time of 75 so I should be perfectly set for this weekend!!!

I am not horribly sore today but I know my body needs a little break.  I hope to get in 30 minutes on the eliptical and then a full body toning workout from TIU!

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