Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Water, water everywhere!

So apparently I have a little problem..... I drink too much water!  Never thought I would say that since up until about a year ago it was like pulling teeth to get me to drink any water that wasn't from a brita, or a smart water bottle and even then it had to be flavored.  Since I started running I made it a point to try to drink more water.  I bought these awesome contigo bottles and invested in mass amounts of Miu flavoring that I store in my desk.  At first it was really hard to drink 2 bottles a day which is only 48 ounces but apparently it has gotten much easier.

 Last week a coworker asked me how many bottles I drank a day since I was constantly filling it.  I couldn't tell them since at this point I drink it and fill it without even thinking.  This week I started to track and realized I am up to 5-6 bottles during the work day.  That is 120-124 ounces of water during the work day, plus at least 8 ounces of almond milk that I have in the mornings, and any water I drink at night!!!  No wonder why I have to pee every hour lol I did a lot of searching and most sites recommend that you drink half your weight in ounces which means I should only be drinking about 60 ounces a day... oops!  Apparently it isn't horrible for me but I just need to make sure I keep up my sodium levels, I bought a bunch of NUUN the other day so now I plan on adding in at least 2 tablets a day to try to keep up my electrolytes and sodium. 

In other news I signed up for the Tone it Up bikini series this week!  I have been hearing a lot about Tone it Up from the blogging world but didn't want to spend $150 on the nutrition plan they offer.  I didn't realize that you can sign up for their fitness plan for free and they send you weekly workouts and offer a ton of videos and print offs.  Here is there blog for information!

Yesterday I did the cocktail dress workout and sunkissed abs workout an oh my!!  I can not believe how sore I am today.  I struggled through my last set and I can say that I am for sure hooked.  The workouts use very little equipment and take less then 30 minutes.  These will be my new go to lifting routines during the week.  I planned on doing the Sunseeker workout which they released yesterday but I think today will just be a running day if my legs can handle it!

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