Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Seeing the light!

Finally the chaos of the last month or so is coming to a close!!!  I am finally moved in with the BF and as of last night our house is totally empty and cleaned up!  I also got a 92% of one of my MBA exams and a 89% on the other which I will totally take since I didn't study one bit oops.  We have the whole summer planned out and all of our vacations booked and coordinated.  I can finally breathe!!

Random weekend updates....I was a super clutz and tripped up my stairs (yup up) while moving and totally busted up the inside of my foot.  Thankfully it doesn't hurt to walk or run but when it has pressure from my shoes and such it isn't super pleasant.  This is how I spent my friday night.... I wasn't too sad to have to stop moving to take a wine/pinterest/ice cream break lol

Saturday we headed out to my Alma Mater Western Michigan University to see my baby sister graduate.  I could not believe that I was that old and that she was about to become a full fledged adult.  It was a perfect day out and a wonderful ceremony.  I really could not be more proud of her, I have talked before about how she is more like my daughter then a sister and I really did feel like a proud momma bear watching her walk across that stage.  I think the champagne was more for me then for her lol but it did make for an amazing day!

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