Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend update

How is it already Monday?  Even though I still have 4 days of work I am already looking forward to my long three day weekend coming up!

Friday I was able to get in a solid 2 mile run and caught up on my lack of lifting for the week.  Doing shoulders and back/bi day was really difficult but I made it through.  That night was supposed to be birthday party for my bestie J but sadly she got really sick and we decided to postpone the events since the birthday girls couldn't attend!  Instead we did a small BBQ with some friends and called it a pretty early night.

Saturday woke up bright and early to take care of some errands and then we headed over to a local 5K for the One Fund Boston organization. We really didn't expect much since the event had to be thrown together so quickly but we were immediately impressed with how well they had done. Local companies donated t-shirts, bibs, timing equipment, food, drinks, and everything else you could want at a race. This meant that 100% of the funds raised could go straight to the fund! The same race was held in 13 other cities at the same time so it was great to feel like a part of something much bigger. The race director was also able to find 4 local runners that had participated in the Boston Marathon this year, that wanted to participate in the 5K. I did not expect to see anyone from Boston, the second I realized who they were I had goose bumps, and it made me even more motivated to be there!

Saturday night was the birthday party for my other good friend and it was so much fun to get together with some of my favorite people in the area.  We had a low key BBQ and then proceeded out to the clubs for dancing!  I love to dance and we can rarely get the boys to go so it was awesome to see them all be good sports and come along.  I also had one too many glasses on wine which prompted an obnoxious BF and I photo shoot which I didn't realize until the next morning so here are some of the highlights lol!

This week will be insane since this is the big move,  I have 2 exams, and need to keep up on my 10K training but I think I should be able to get it all done.  The best part is the weather this week... today is supposed to be 60 and sunny when I get out of work which means that it will actually be easy for me to lace up my shoes and get out for a run. 

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