Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#RunnersUnite for Boston

Just like so many others yesterday I was in shock... I couldn't believe what the news was telling and couldn't bear to watch the videos of what had happened in Boston. This race was something that people had worked so hard to achieve and I couldn't believe that someone so brutally destroyed what should have been a great day for. It sickens me that people can take the lives of and injure innocent people because of their own problems and issues with the world. Obviously there is still a lot of questions that need to be answered like who and why but I am never sure I will fully understand what makes a person or a group capable of such brutality.

Any runner knows that no matter what the distance the finish line is the happiest place in the world, seeing that line means that no matter how badly you are struggling that you all of a sudden have the strength to push through. It is also a place that has your loved ones, friends, and most of the time complete strangers willing to cheer you through those last few minutes. Whoever chose to tarnish that line in Boston will have their own debts to pay; however, they forgot that anyone one who is a runner in the first place is used to pushing through the tough times and overcoming every obstacle in their way. No one will ever forget what happened yesterday and today it has brought the running community even closer!

This quote came up a lot yesterday and it really is worth sharing. The videos of the blast were so difficult to watch, but after this I tried to concentrate on the amount of people that immediately ran to help without knowing what would happen next. There are people in this world that will do whatever they can to destroy faith, but there are many more that are there to rebuild it. Keep faith, and keep Boston in your prayers!

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