Thursday, July 18, 2013

I don't think I can eat anymore fudge!

This past weekend was my final big vacation of the summer!  The BF and I decided that we would love to do a weekend getaway just us two before he left for Minnie in August.  I haven't been to Mackinac Island since I was in middle school and we thought it would be the perfect place for a quick weekend trip.


I have gone with my family before but was never able to actually spend the night on the island because of how pricey it can be.  We decided to go all out and stay at The Grand Hotel which is by far the fanciest hotel on the island.  Thankfully they were running summer specials and by staying on the off nights we were able to get a great deal on a food and lodging package!

There are zero moterized vehicles on the island so you have to arrive by ferry and get everywhere by bike, horse, or walking. Since I can't ride a bike (long story) we decided to walk most of it except for a quick horse taxi ride to get to our beautiful hotel.


We could not have asked for a more perfect experience, everything from the food to the room to the staff were wonderful and there was so much to see and do.  My favorite part is that every night at 6:00pm every guest on the grounds has to be in formal attire.. women in dresses or pant suits and men in a suit coat and tie.  The BF and I love dressing up and it was so amazing to be in such a timless place with guest that also enjoyed the experience. 

The hotel has a lot to do but most of it involves walking through their gardens, playing bocce ball, golf, listening to live music, and porch sitting.  The BF and I had the hardest time just sitting and enjoying ourselves and our environment or walking around the gardens we constantly were asking eachother "what do you want to do?" instead of just enjoying the place we were in.  Def taught us a lesson that we need to just let ourselves relax more often and step away from the chaos and plans of our every day life.

Anyone not from Michigan that might not get the fudge reference in the title, Mackinac Island is known for their fudge shops.  So much so that they call their tourists Fudgies because they mainly just come or talk about the fudge!  About every other store on Main Street has their own brand and flavors of fudge and each one is more than happy to hand out as many samples as your heart desires.  The BF and I decided that we had to try each place before we made a purchase and then bought a pound and a half because we thought we should lol!  I ate all of my peanut butter fudge before we even got home and we are still working on a tiny bit of turtle fudge still.

I am so happy we were able to get away just us two for some much needed quality time before we start oh so joyous long distance hell relationship!

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