Thursday, July 18, 2013

Starting Over

I need to make this my new life motto!  The last three weeks have been a mixture of amazing vacations, getaways, and celebrations. This has meant that the last three weeks haven't included much in terms of fitness.  Since we left for Minnesota I have gained around 6 pounds and can tell that I have lost a lot of the tone I worked so hard to gain.  I know it isn't always about the numbers but when I know every 6 of those pounds came from alcohol, fudge, eating out, snacking, and more drinks it makes me realize that I need to do something.

Tuesday was my first day back to work and my gym from our weekend trip so I decided to pack my favorite shirt, print off my new honeymoon bikini routine from tone it up (which is brutal by the way), and get to work! 

The BF and I also decided that we are going to start having roller dates instead of wine dates!  Both of us suffer from hip and knee pain and the rollers do so much good but we have been slacking hardcore.  Now we are trying to commit to at least 3 roller dates a week!

Wednesday I did 30 minutes of cardio on the eliptical and another tone it up full body routine. And then we went to trader joes and stocked up on some of our favorite healthy staples, and just some of our favorites!  I have a slight obsession with Peanut Butter Panda Puffs and trader joes is the first place I have been able to find them in a few years so I was a super happy camper!

Tonight we have plans all night so I decided to get in early for a cardio session.  I have been dying to try the Itty Bitty Cardio workout from tone it up but my gym is usually too busy to take up the interval time on the treadmill.  Since very few people are at the gym at 6 am I decided it would be the perfect time.  The cardio kicked my booty but it was awesome to feel so accomplished so early in the morning.  Also didn't hurt that I was able to burn 500 calories in 40 minutes!


Plan for the next few weeks since I don't have too many major events (only one or two a week which is sadly basically none for me) I hope to keep up the good work and watch my food intake like a hawk. Thankfully I have recruited my bestie J to keep me motivated.... things are so much easier with a good friend!

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