Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So the only productive thing that we did on our vacation was the:

Second, Not Quite Annual, North American 4th of July, Drunk Run Fun Run Race for the Hangover Cure.... or for short the SNQANA4JDRFRRFTHC.  I can't take credit for the name, it was created by the BFs friends a few years ago when they all decided to run drunk one morning.  The race is actually called the Nisswa Firecracker 5K , it is sponsored by PBR and it is held in the super cute little town that is next to the lake we stayed on.  All of us are pretty good runners, but no matter how good you are, after a week of drinking and sun that last thing you want to do is run.  So we decided to keep with the past and pound twisted teas beforehand.  The course is super pretty and winds though a few parks and lakes, and at the end we all got to enjoy a crawfish fry and unlimited PBR!

I can't really consider this a true race, but in my book any physical activity during vacation drunk or not should count LOL


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