Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ruined by Soffe Shorts

So I officially decided today that I hate traditional running shorts!  Pretty sure that a liftime of the classic cheerleading and dance costume of Soffe shorts or spandex ruined me from the look and feel of real running shorts.  A few months ago I picked up 2 pretty cute pairs from UA and I really just can't get into them.  First I don't understand why they don't roll at least twice without getting bunchy.  You can roll a pair of Soffe shorts like 3 times before they look weird (albiet they look super short lol).  And second I feel like there is just an insane amount of fabric loose around my thigh.  I hate that when I sit down to stretch I feel like you can see straight up them, because you can, and that they get all bunched up when I run.  I understand this is total #firstworldrunnerproblems but I still had to vent!

I was able to get in a good run today though on my lunch hour.  The first two miles went pretty smooth and I had to walk a bit of the third but it still felt great to finally get a run in outside.  It has been too balls hot to do anything outside since the start of July but the current mid to low 70s is perfect.  Followed it up with my favorite flavor of NUUN which I am sadly now out of :-(  I was actually really surprised that I love the grape most since anything artifically flavored in grape usually makes me gag!  Guess I will have to do another Amazon order soon.

Hopefully everyone is able to get out and enjoy the weather today!

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