Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bikini Ready!

It is BIKINI SEASON!  And I get to spend the next 9 days soaking up every bit of sun I can on a boat in teeny bikinis!!

I was working my butt off for about the last month and now I am so ready to be on a boat feeling confident (the booze doesn't hurt that feeling either :-) ).  Running has still been a struggle bunny but this week I got in some good cardio on the gym machines and some lifting. 

Yesterday I got in 30 minutes on the eliptical and 30 minutes lifting.  I decided to do the Cocktail Dress Routine from Tone it Up and oh boy was I sweating,  I even had my first drip on a mat (not from hot yoga) and as gross as it was I totally had to take a picture to share HA.  I love their routines they are very easy to follow and "simple" moves but each and everyone brought up my heart rate and seemed to be working every muscle group.

I also decided that I despise working out in glasses.  I wear my contacts all day every day and the only person who ever really gets to see me in glasses is the BF for the 2 minutes before we go to bed.  But, thanks to a little eye infection I have to wear my glasses for 5 straight days.  I have to say it is a total PITA to try to do anything physical with them on!  I made it but the amount of times I had to push them up and wipe the sweat off from around them made it an obnoxious workout. Only 2 more days to go and I can put these babies back in their case where they belong!

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