Thursday, June 20, 2013

Running... what is running?

So I have already proven to myself that no races = no running!  I have been constantly signed up for races to keep myself motivated to run, and with no races on the horizon I have been majorly slacking.  Today I plan on looking into some local races through the summer, mainly fun ones, just to keep me going.

In terms of workouts I have still been going strong in my AM bootcamp 3 days a week, after dinner walks, and Tone It Up routines in between as I feel ambitious.  Crossfit is offically on hold for the summer but I hope to get back into this fall once I have more time to actually commit.  I know that I am in good shape but it still feels like I should be running since it has been a constant in my life for the last year.

On Monday I really did try to get in a good 3-4 miles but a storm had a different theory and I ended up calling it quits after about 2 miles and a half mile walk in the rain.  I also realized on that run that I really really like teal lately lol

And in other non related running news summer is in full swing... which is probably why running isn't HA!  The past few weekends have been the perfect mix of summer trips to see friends, and long pool days with too much sun, drinks, and fun with friends.  Overall I have a feeling this will be a great summer and I can't wait for all of the amazing events that are planned from here on out!

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