Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I DID IT!!!!

Sunday was the day, and yes I am just now blogging about it today because the only thing I could think about yesterday was how much pain I was in lol.  I have never been so nervous/excited/scared/anxious then I was that morning.  The alarm going off at 4:45 wasn't so pleasant but I was surprised at how quickly I popped up!

Getting pumped with the girls!

The course was absolutely gorgeous.  The coolest part about the Detroit Free Press is that you get to cross the ambassador bridge at dawn into Canada, run about 5 miles through Windsor, and then back through the tunnel into Detroit.  The views were amazing and it really did distract from the whole running 13 miles part ha!

I am happy that my body held up for the first 10 miles really well (actually beat my training pace which was probably an issue) and then at mile 11 it all fell apart.  My hip gave out which meant that I had to walk a majority of the final 2 miles but I still finished it.  I am so proud of myself this is something I never imagined I would do and accomplishing it felt amazing inside.  BF did really well too, his hips started to give him troubles around mile 21 which meant he had to walk/run the rest but he still finished just over his goal time. 

My Finish time 02:45:48  BF Finish time 04:18:00
Overall it was an amazing experience, and something that I will never forget.  Since I am still in so much pain I keep telling myself that this is my first and last... but we will have to see :-)

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