Monday, October 1, 2012

Failed LR and some Football

Weekends really are never long enough!  All summer we were crazy busy and starting next weekend it will pick back up again.  This means that we really wanted to enjoy our last weekend of just relaxing and enjoying fall.

Saturday was LR day for the BF and I... he had to go 20 miles (training for the marathon) which made my 9 not look so bad.  But thanks to not feeling well and not eating friday night I couldn't run past mile 2.  My legs literally wouldn't lift of the ground and from my endomondo you can tell that I even struggled to walk.

I have to say it was super discouraging especially since we are only 20 days out (HOLY CRAP) but this Friday I will do my 10 miler which will be my last long run until the half and I am confident it will go better then this one did.  On a better note BF did do his 20 miles in 3 hours exactly I am so so proud!

Sunday was football day!!  Living in Detroit it amazing for sports because all of the stadiums and activities are super close.  BF is from Minnesota and is a Vikings fan so he made sure to get some tickets to the Vikings V. Lions game this year.  It was the perfect day for some tailgating.. and maybe too perfect since I had one too many vodka sodas oops!  But it was a great game and a good time with friends.  Vikings won which made the BF happy, and since I am a Bears fan I'm just happy I didn't have to deal with a cranky fan on the way home LOL


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