Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Busy doesn't even begin to decribe the last week and a half but thankfully I have had some time to partake in Halloween Festivities!

Last Thursday my roomies and I decided to have a bunch of our friends over for pumpkin carving and to watch the Tigers in the world series.  We had an absolute blast and I loved my little spider pumpkin!

Saturday was a big party for halloween and for one of my Roomies B-Day.  J and I wanted to be something cute but didn't feel like having to go over the top and I think our Mario and Luigi costume was perfect.  I would also like to note my crafting skills for not only dying my green hat but also all the little pieces we added!

And then today was a big Halloween costume contest at work which I helped throw so I had to get involved.  This man showed up on stilts and of course blew everyone out of the water!  I love my work and how much fun we have.

Tonight is just some movies and candy with the friends and since we live in a house we are hoping we also get some trick-or-treaters. Everyone have fun and be safe!!!

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