Thursday, November 1, 2012

Setting some goals

So since the half marthon I have done nothing physical, like zero.  No long walks, elipticals, classes, runs, or lifted a weight.  Having such a big goal really helped keep me motivated so I feel like this place will now be my motivation.  Since this is a new month I figure its the perfect time to set some new goals!

1) Run 10 miles per week:  Not at all once but at least combined a total of 10 miles I figure that isn't too much to ask and will keep me buring some calories

2) Do 1 class a week:  this is more because I am a groupon addict and currently have 20 passes to yoga and 10 to a kickboxing studio HA

3) Fill out my calorie tracker every day but 1:  I love my FitnessPal app on my phone and really do care a little more when I commit myself to filling it in. I do give myself a day off though usually on Saturday when I don't fill it in and take it a little less serious.  Oh and I also don't ever count in booze so I never delete all the walks I take at work which usually add up to a mile a day... I know its not even but a girl needs her wine!

4) Bake more:  I used to bake at least once a week and bring my goodies into work, with all of the chaos of summer and training I really slacked on baking and it truly is like therapy for me.  This will not only make me a happier person but everyone around me as well!

Here is to a new month!!!

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