Friday, November 16, 2012

Today will be a good day!

I have decided that today will be a good day!  Thanks to some amazing girlfriends and roommates I was able to take last night to lay in bed for an hour and look at pinterest as if the rest of the world didn't exist and then grab a few fancy schmancy cocktails.  So this morning I am refreshed and excited...... it may only be 7:30 but things are only going to go up from here.  WHY?? Well let me tell you

1) I only have to work a half day... thanks to some overtime I get to leave a few hours early!

2) I am getting my nails done, I have a slight obsession with having my nails be perfectly polished and it always seems to make me just generally happy every time I get them done.  Thinking this will be a pink week because that makes me even happier!

Yup I think I like pink
 3) The BF is coming home, 2 weeks felt like torture so I can't wait to have him back!

4) I get to see my sister and act like a college kid all weekend.  BF and I are heading to WMU this weekend to tailgate and get rowdy with my amazing little sister which is exactly what I need! This time I don't think I will be bonging vodka and orange juice at 8 am but who knows LOL

Hope everyone else has some amazing things to look forward to today and the weekend.  Life can get out of hand but concentrating on the good things will hopefully make it more manageable!

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